Mayo Clinic Florida – Same Day Access to Primary Care

Mayo Clinic Florida set a goal of offering same day access to primary care to those patients that truly needed it while still effectively caring for those with less urgent needs. Through many initiatives aimed at achieving this goal, Mayo has been able to increase patient satisfaction, as well as reduce their hospital days, readmission rates, and ER visits.· Continue reading (Portal login required)

Orlando Health, Health Central Hospital – Simulating “Soft Skills” to Improve Patient Experience

From their observations, leaders at Health Central Hospital, recognized that team members had become very task-oriented and were not connecting with their patients.  This realization led to the development of focused simulation training on connecting with patients and family members on a personal level, rather than on using technical skills or tools. · Continue reading (Portal login required)

Decatur Morgan Hospital – How Implementing the Novant Nursing Model Has Improved Retention, Costs and Care

In 2014, Novant Health presented their nursing model again at the fourth annual Vizient Southeast Healthcare Delivery System Summit.  Anita Walden, VP and Chief Nursing Officer at Decatur Morgan Hospital took this as their chance to “steal shamelessly” and implement a similar nursing model at Decatur.  Over the past two years, they have seen an increase in retention, more nursing time spent with patients, and improved patient and staff satisfaction.· Continue reading (Portal login required)