Our History

Vizient Southeast (formerly known as VHA Southeast, Inc. and VHA Florida, Inc.) was incorporated in the State of Florida as a not-for-profit membership corporation on May 8, 1985. In 1989, the Internal Revenue Service ruled that the company was a taxable membership corporation. As a result of this ruling the company converted to a cooperative for tax filing purposes effective January 1, 1990.

In 2000, the members of the former VHA Alabama, Inc. organization, founded on September 4, 1985, joined VHA Florida at which time the name was changed to VHA Southeast, Inc. In 2006, VHA Southeast, Inc. membership was expanded, again, to include the US Virgin Islands. In January 2016, VHA Southeast, Inc. became Vizient Southeast.

Vizient Southeast is a health care provider alliance that delivers industry-leading clinical quality and supply chain management services that enables members to attain sustainable results. Vizient Southeast is focused on helping each member by providing smart financial strategies and high-impact, clinical programs to drive high-quality, cost effective health care.

Vizient Southeast has had a long history of performance improvement. In 1987, the members elected to have the Clinical Financial Information System become a member requisite. In 1994, the Clinical Benchmarking Series began with a focus on diagnosis and procedural based quality and utilization. Vizient Southeast then developed the first Hospital Specific Overall Quality Score, integrating over 60 quality measures into a single score, in 2003. The performance improvement work continued to evolve with the design and roll out of the largest Rapid Response Team program in 2005.

Vizient Southeast introduced the Vizient Southeast Integrated Business Intelligence (IBI) Portal in 2009. This platform allows the members to easily access information about their clinical, patient experience, core measure, financial and operational performance and compare that information to other Vizient Southeast members to identify leading performers. The Performance Improvement team developed the Comprehensive Assessment for Accelerated Performance Improvement program in 2010 which transitioned into the Care Coordination/Cost Management (CCCM) program. Medicare Spend per Beneficiary (MSPB) was added in 2014 as well as the Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) program which then moved from the acute care setting to address improvement along the full continuum of care.

In 1993, the first Vizient Southeast Physician Vice President was hired and the Physician Leadership Network was created. Having a physician executive on the Vizient Southeast leadership team has been a valuable resource to the member organizations. In 2011 Vizient Southeast recognized the need for transforming models of care and the Healthcare Delivery System Transformation (HDST) service was developed to provide solutions in organizational strategy, clinical integration, payer contracting and reimbursement, governance and legal considerations for network development. Under this program, a physician leadership education and development program was designed, along with bundled payment consulting services.

Property Insurance Programs were set into place in 1987 in both VHA Florida and VHA Alabama. In 2001 Vizient Southeast founded its captive insurance company, Southern Cooperative Insurance Company SPC, Ltd. (SCIC). SCIC is structured as a segregated cell captive domiciled in Grand Cayman Island. The captive provides members with a host of options for their insurance and risk management needs.

In 1997, Vizient Southeast initiated the first national Supply Chain Network. Over the years, this evolved into the Southeast Supply Solutions, LLC and provides contracting, standardization, and analytics services.

The Joint Commission Virtual System Survey service was created in 1997 and is a hallmark of the Vizient Southeast services. Accreditation education programs, mock surveys, on-site triennial survey support and consulting services are personally tailored to the member organizations.

Education programs addressing hot topics and trustee/physician education are held throughout the year. The Vizient Southeast Bright Ideas is a regional publication produced quarterly by Vizient Southeast to foster sharing of ideas within Vizient Southeast members focusing on innovative solutions to benefit their healthcare organization.
Today, Vizient Southeast has a variety of programs and services to support its mission. A host of networks have been developed which bring members together to collaborate and share information and improvement opportunities.