Revenue & Cost Management Performance

Revenue & Cost Management Performance is one of Vizient Southeast’s Sources of Value that provides solutions in the following areas: Human Resources and Insurance Services, Regional Contracts, Supply Chain & Purchased Services, Supply Analytics & Cost Contracting. The opportunities within these are outlined below.
Vizient Southeast and Vizient are focused on delivering revenue and cost management solutions that assist members with revenue maximization/enhancement in their clinical and non-clinical supply chain operations. The supply chain solutions aim to address current and future opportunities and challenges through utilization of innovative processes and technology solutions, along with leveraging industry leading practices.

Human Resources

  • Key Workforce Performance Indicators

Insurance Services

  • Consulting & Brokerage Services — All Insurance Needs
  • Captive Insurance Company

Regional Contracts

  • 340B Third Party Audit
  • Answering Service
  • Coding Services
  • Construction Services
  • ED Coding, Billing, Staffing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Fair Market Value Analysis
  • MIPS Data Submission
  • Patient Balance Financing
  • Patient Progression
  • Physician Contract Compliance
  • Regional Supply/Services Contracts
  • Substance Abuse and Laboratory Tests
  • Virtual Therapy

Supply Chain & Purchased Services

  • Analytics & Integrated Data Solutions
  • Custom Contracting
  • Industry Leading Portfolio & Pharmacy Program
  • Performance Services
  • Physician Preference Management
  • Private Label
  • Purchased Services Contracted Areas:
    • Business, Clinical and Environmental Services
    • Facilities & Operational Support
    • Financial Solutions & Revenue Cycle Management
    • Information Technology
    • Laboratory
    • Wellness Services
    • Workforce Solutions
  • Standardization Program

Supply Analytics & Contracting

  • Collaboration Between Networks
  • Data Analytics & Best Practices
  • Southeast Supply Solutions
    • Member Owned – Limited Liability Corporation
    • Committed Contracts
    • Benchmarking and Analytics
To learn more about our Revenue and Cost Management Services, contact us at (813) 350-8300