Vizient Southeast’s Accreditation services include education, training, and compliance support focused on members’ survey readiness.

Our services include a robust and balanced accreditation process that takes place over a rotating three-year period.  A full Mock Survey is conducted within Year 1 of the cycle followed by a Pre-Survey Check 4-6 months before the next full triennial survey in year 2.  Post survey consultation, review and validation of Evidence of Standard Compliance (ESC) occurs within 60 days of each survey.  Accreditation Rounds occur during Year 3 to monitor progress and sustainability of compliance with applicable standards and CMS Conditions of Participation

Education and Training:

  • Standards & Conditions of Participation
  • Life Safety/Environment of Care Training
  • Accreditation Coordinator Calls
  • Custom Engagement
  • Special Site Visits

Ongoing Readiness:

  • Ongoing Compliance and Survey Readiness Support
  • Accreditation Consultation


  • Triennial Survey Process
    • Year 1 – Mock Surveys to assess Compliance with Regulatory Standards
    • Year 2 – Pre-Survey Check, Full Service Onsite Support during Joint Commission Survey and Evidence and Standard Compliance Review
    • Post Survey Evidence of Standard Compliance (ESC)
    • Year 3 – Accreditation Rounds to ensure ongoing sustainment with regulatory standards – Standards and CMS COP